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The problem with peacekeeping
Jul 21, 2021

The return of antisemitism
Jul 14, 2021

The authoritarian conquest of the UN
Jul 7, 2021

Getting smarter about Critical Race Theory
Jun 29, 2021

Biden blew a chance for a win in his meeting with Putin
Jun 22, 2021

Tehran's nuclear secrets have been exposed
Jun 16, 2021

Leaving Afghanistan
Jun 9, 2021

Fighting Israel on other battlefields
Jun 1, 2021

For Israelis, one more battle in a forever war for survival
May 26, 2021

The Islamic Republic's war on Israel
May 18, 2021

Darkness falls on Lebanon
May 12, 2021

Human Rights Watch crosses a threshold
May 5, 2021

Choosing defeat in Afghanistan
Apr 21, 2021

Biden's bad foreign policy deals
Apr 14, 2021

The brave few on the front line for freedom deserve America's support
Apr 7, 2021

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