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The Trump plan for Afghanistan is an investment in America's national security
Feb 26, 2020

United Nations Human Rights Council delegitimizes Israel
Feb 19, 2020

Trump finds bipartisan support for a pro-U.S. Venezuelan leader Guaido
Feb 12, 2020

Two Palestinian dreams: Exterminate Israel and a real nation-state
Feb 5, 2020

Making sure foreign enemies fear the United States military
Jan 29, 2020

Iranian regime's 'gray-zone' war tactics are the new norm
Jan 22, 2020

Khamenei misjudges Trump and loses his leading terrorist
Jan 8, 2020

Nikki Haley, all-American neo-Trumpian
Dec 31, 2019

The war against Christians
Dec 25, 2019

Anti-Semites suffer defeats in the U.K. and the U.S.
Dec 17, 2019

America must stop helping China's regime grow richer and more oppressive
Dec 11, 2019

'Did you have a horrible Thanksgiving?'
Dec 4, 2019

Troubles between Congress and religious freedom
Nov 27, 2019

Palestinian Islamic Jihad provokes Israel and finds itself a lonely combatant
Nov 20, 2019

Clarence Thomas: An exceptional American who defied the odds
Nov 13, 2019

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