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Iranian regime's 'gray-zone' war tactics are the new norm

January 22, 2020  •  The Washington Times

You heard it last week from smart people on both the left and right. President Trump's droning of Gen. Qassem Soleimani put America "on the brink of another war," wrote Martin Indyk, a distinguished fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. Echoed Fox News' Tucker Carlson: "It looked like we were on the brink there!"

Let's think about that, shall we? Soleimani was the commander of the Quds Force, an army that operates beyond Iran's borders, hunting and killing anyone and everyone Iran's rulers deem enemies.

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Khamenei misjudges Trump and loses his leading terrorist

January 8, 2020  •  The Washington Times

At 80 years of age, Ali Khamenei is an old man in a hurry. The ruler of the Islamic Republic of Iran regards himself as the leader of a global revolution, one that began years before the advent of al Qaeda, that jihadi-come-lately.

His ambition is to establish a great Islamic empire, a successor to those that dominated the civilized world in antiquity. That requires "Death to America!" because America is the leader of the West or, as he might prefer, the "Crusader-Zionist alliance." He believes, not without reason, that the acquisition of nuclear weapons is the surest means to that end.

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Nikki Haley, all-American neo-Trumpian

December 31, 2019  •  The Washington Times

From 2017 to 2019, Nikki Haley served as United States ambassador to the United Nations, an institution that for decades has reeked of corruption, waste and the decayed dreams of post-World War II idealists.

She was a breath of fresh air — proud of American achievements, unashamed of American power. She spoke forcefully in defense of human rights, and for Israel, the U.N.'s whipping boy. She didn't apologize. She didn't get confused. She didn't curry favor with despots and their high-living mouthpieces on the East Side of Manhattan Island.

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The war against Christians

December 25, 2019  •  The Washington Times

Grinch that I am, in the days leading up to Christmas I immersed myself in "The Thirty-Year Genocide: Turkey's Destruction of its Christian Minorities, 1894-1924."

The authors of this recently published, extensively researched, 500-page book are Benny Morris and Dror Ze'evi, historians at Israel's Ben Gurion University of the Negev. "We embarked on this project in quest of the truth about what happened to the Ottoman Armenians during World War I," they explain. What they found was "incontrovertible" proof of Turkey's 1915-16 genocide.

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Anti-Semites suffer defeats in the U.K. and the U.S.

December 17, 2019  •  The Washington Times

If you happen to be an anti-Semite, you've had a disappointing week. In Britain, the Labor Party suffered its worst defeat in decades. That British voters are eager to get on with Brexit was the main reason. But the election also was a stunning rejection of Jeremy Corbyn, the party leader who has called members of Hamas and Hezbollah his "friends."

Though British Jews can breathe a sigh of relief, Mr. Corbyn is hardly unique. A report prepared by the Jewish Labor Movement and submitted to Britain's Equality and Human Rights Commission details the "relentless" anti-Semitism that has prompted many Jews to leave the party, and some to consider leaving the country. (Jexit?)

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