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Making NATO great again

July 18, 2018  •  The Washington Times

NATO's first Secretary General, Lord Hastings Lionel Ismay, articulated the military alliance's mission succinctly: "Keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in, and the Germans down."

More than a half century later, the mission of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is murkier. The declaration issued in conjunction with last week's summit in Brussels clarified matters not at all.

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Iran's greedy demands

July 11, 2018  •  The Washington Times

Britain, France and Germany are three of America's closest allies, but they don't always act like it. Last week in Vienna, their foreign ministers met with the foreign ministers of China and Russia, strategic adversaries of the U.S., as well as the foreign minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a regime whose rallying cry for almost 40 years has been "Death to America!"

Their mission: To undermine U.S. policy; to relieve the economic pressure that the Trump administration is attempting to bring to bear on Iran's rulers in order to change their aggressive and lethal behavior both at home and abroad.

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Palestinians have mail

July 3, 2018  •  The Washington Times

For years, smart and well-meaning "peace processors" have worked hard to find a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. They've never come close.

Commentators keen on being perceived as even-handed blame Palestinian and Israeli leaders alike. But ample evidence suggests that most Israelis long for peace and would toss out any leader who stood in the way of what they saw as a real deal. Palestinians don't have that freedom. The last time Palestinians voted for a president was 2005, and that election was hardly free and fair.

Yasser Arafat, father of the Palestinian nation, saw himself as a revolutionary and a conqueror. He never seriously considered ending the war against the Jewish state.

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Nikki Haley, a woman for our times

June 26, 2018  •  The Washington Times

President Ronald Reagan's 1981 appointment of Jeane Kirkpatrick as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations did not meet with universal approval. Never before had a woman held that position. And this woman happened to be a member of the opposition party. Nevertheless, Mr. Reagan chose her as his envoy to the global institution and included her in his cabinet.

It did not take long for Ambassador Kirkpatrick to prove her mettle. Asked about the most significant change she made, she replied succinctly: "We've taken down our 'kick me' sign."

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Trump's bunker buster video blockbuster

June 20, 2018  •  The Washington Times

Decade after decade, one U.S. president after another, Democrat and Republican alike, knew that the tyrants who rule North Korea were slowly but surely developing the means to incinerate American cities. Those presidents did nothing, or at least nothing effective.

President Trump could have responded by tweeting: "Clinton, Bush, Obama left me a mess! Too late now! Sad!" Instead, he decided he would try to solve a problem that has become a crisis.

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