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Lost in cyberspace

January 12, 2017  •  The Washington Times

Russia's hacking of the Democratic National Committee was mischievous. Did it change the outcome of the 2016 elections? No evidence suggests that and the intelligence community isn't claiming that.

So those who are may be presumed to have an agenda: to establish the narrative that Donald Trump was not legitimately elected president. From that, it would follow that no one — not mayors, not governors, not members of Congress — is obliged to cooperate with him. They would be justified to "resist" his presidency instead.

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Trump's first 100 days

January 4, 2017  •  The Washington Times

It's apparent that Donald Trump was — to employ a neologism coined by President George W. Bush 16 years ago — misunderestimated. But those who gave odds that he couldn't transform from a successful businessman into a successful politician are now betting he can't transform from a successful politician into a successful statesman.

Meanwhile, his admirers expect the world of him. And worlds are notoriously difficult to deliver.

These facts lead to this conclusion: It will be hugely helpful if the new president can make a strong start, by which I mean demonstrating leadership and vision and, most important, achieving a few quick but significant victories.

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Throwing Israel to the U.N.'s wolves

December 29, 2016  •  The Washington Times

Palestinian Islamic Jihad is, as its name suggests, an organization committed to jihad – against Israel most urgently, though not exclusively. So when the U.N. Security Council on Friday passed a resolution condemning Israel, PIJ spokesman Dawood Shihab was pleased. He called it a "victory." He wasn't wrong.

Nor was Fawzy Barhoum, a spokesman for Hamas, another organization openly committed to Israel's extermination, as well as to "a jihadi revolution" that will be a "prelude to the establishment of the future Islamic caliphate." He called the resolution an "important evolution in international positions." He expressed Hamas' "appreciation."

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The sorrow and the pity in Syria

December 21, 2016  •  The Washington Times

Over the last five years, Syria has been descending into a hell on Earth. Over the last four months, the lowest depths of the inferno have been on display in Aleppo, an ancient city, once among the most diverse and dynamic in the Middle East. On Friday, in the final press conference of his presidency, Barack Obama addressed this still unfolding humanitarian and strategic catastrophe.

"So with respect to Syria," he said, "what I have consistently done is taken the best course that I can to try to end the civil war while having also to take into account the long-term national security interests of the United States."

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How Obama is like Ike

December 14, 2016  •  The Washington Times

The Islamic Republic of Iran is, according to no less an authority than the U.S. government, the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. Its Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah, suicide-bombed U.S. Marines in Beirut in 1983. Iranian-backed Shia militias killed hundreds of American troops in Iraq more recently. Just months after the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Iran's rulers began taking American hostages. They continue to do so.

The clerical regime represents a significant national security threat to the United States, and an existential threat to the Middle East's Sunni nations and its one Jewish state. It seeks what, in an earlier age, we'd have called an empire.

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